Wholesale FAQs

What is the minimum quantity to be eligible for wholesale pricing? 

Wholesale quantities start at 2,000 straws. 

How can I order COBA Straws® for my business?

Please email us at info@cobastraws.com with your order.

How do COBA Straws® compare in price to other plastic-free alternatives?

When it comes to pricing comparison, our grass straws are in the midst of other free-plastic alternatives. The orders in low to high corresponding will be paper straws < wheat straws / hay straws / rice straws < grass straws < glass straws / bamboo straws / metal straws. While the wheat hay straws may easily be brittle and break, the paper straws are so quickly soggy, and the bioplastic / PLA straws are only commercially compostable in the right facility and unfortunately at the moment compost sorting facilities are not able to detect the difference between a bioplastic and a plastic straw (despite your best intentions, these will likely end up in landfills), grass straws are your great choice for price, performance and compostability.

Do you sell to retailers?

Yes, we have resale pricing available for retailers or wholesalers. Please contact us for details.

What is the cost of shipping?

We ship your orders directly from our workshop in Vietnam, so the shipping cost will vary based on the shipping method (air or sea cargo), the volume and your destination. Please send us an email with your order needs so that we can estimate the best shipping cost for you.

Do you offer distribution pricing?

Yes, please fill in our distribution form so we can better understand your business.