Straws from Mother Nature

Plastic Straws Waste

Plastic Straws Waste - Source by Grundelboy

From the century epidemic...

Plastic Pollution Crisis

Our problem is plastic! Polluting the oceans, filling landfills, harming marine life and wildlife. 

8 millions tons of plastic enter the oceans each year,

More than 50% of sea turtles has consumed plastic.

100,000 marine mammals are killed by ocean plastic annually.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish... the solution from Vietnam

Natural Grass Drinking Straws

We're so excited to introduce the perfect alternative to the plastic straws - the 100% natural grass straws! Made from the natural sedge grass with love & care, all of our COBA straws are 100% organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and therefore expected to automatically reduce environmental footprint.

The Mother Nature Answer

Sustainable resource, harmless-environment in production and no extra resources used, our grass drinking straws come from Nature, decompose naturally and end up into Nature that is the super-low ecological footprint

100% natural eco-friendly
Biodegradable, Compostable, Sustainable
Handmade with love & care
No preservatives, no chemicals
Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free
Food grade certified

Now it’s the time!

We have only one planet and it is our responsibility to protect it. When you commit to using nature-friendly products, you want to rest assured that every part of the production process is sustainable. 

We & You can make a difference! 

With COBA grass drinking straws, not only do you get just that, you help ensure job opportunities to people of rural areas, lift the poverty, and conserve the habitat of local wildlife at the same time.

We truly believe that even one person can make a difference whereas, for businesses and organizations, you have a really healthy & stable alternative choice. A small action from us but has a big impact on our future and the environment. Let’s switch to natural straws and our world will be greener, and better!

People love our straws 

Alternative Straws

" I was pleasantly impressed at how these straws hold up to sitting in liquids, they are remarkable. These grass straws can transition into back to back beverages for an entire day before feeling the need to toss them."

- Angela, USA


Fantastic Alternative 

" These are such a great find. You'll avoid being bashed by the people who equate using plastic straws to slowing killing any and all sea life, and you won't have to dealing with cleaning glass or steel straws..."

- Sophia, USA


Way better than paper

" These are fantastic. I was so tired of paper straws. I still use these as disposable but you could totally reuse them if you wanted to. They don't break down in a glass of water at all, even after 2 days in a glass."

- Mike, USA